Rapid access hook for swift gear/accessory attachment.

Upgrade your HubHanger experience with the QuickHook, a stainless steel hook designed to enhance the functionality of your HubHanger tubes. With its unique design, the QuickHook offers two different attachment methods for maximum convenience.

Simply slip the QuickHook through the HubHanger tubes or hook it over for quick and effortless gear attachment. Whether you need to hang additional equipment or secure your HubHanger for transport, the QuickHook is the fastest and easiest solution.

By substituting your HubHanger Set Screw with the QuickHook, you can rapidly collapse your HubHanger, making it compact and ready for hassle-free transportation.

Experience the ultimate convenience and versatility with the HubHanger QuickHook, your go-to accessory for swift gear attachment.


  • One HubHanger QuickHook

*HubHanger Patent(s) Issued and/or Pending

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