The ultimate equipment hanging solution.

Designed for versatility and reliability, the HubHanger GearHook is the perfect accessory for your gear storage needs. With its extended arc length and sturdy stainless steel construction, this hook provides secure and worry-free storage for a wide range of equipment. From hunting gear to outdoor accessories, the GearHook ensures your items stay in place and within easy reach.

Customize the position of your equipment with the threaded stem length, allowing for vertical adjustability to accommodate various sizes and shapes. The hook assembly features a combination of stainless steel and black nylon nuts, ensuring secure fastening while minimizing metal-to-metal contact.

The HubHanger GearHook is recommended for a variety of applications and recommended for use with the HubHanger CrossGun Sling and CrossGun QuickSling for enhanced convenience and accessibility.


  • One Stainless Steel GearHook
  • One Metal Nut
  • One Nylon Washer
  • One Nylon Nut

*HubHanger Patent(s) Issued and/or Pending


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