CrossGun SlingSet

The Ultimate Suspension Solution for Firearms and Crossbows.

Experience superior firearm and crossbow suspension with the HubHanger CrossGun SlingSet. This comprehensive bundle includes two essential components: the CrossGun Barrel Sling and the CrossGun Quick Sling.

The CrossGun Barrel Sling is specifically designed to fully suspend your firearm or crossbow, providing optimal stability and security. With its durable construction and adjustable features, it ensures a snug fit and reliable support for your valuable equipment.

The CrossGun Quick Sling offers swift and convenient attachment, allowing you to effortlessly secure your firearm or crossbow. Simply combine it with the HubHanger GearHooks (sold separately), and enjoy the ease of quick-release deployment and reliable weapon retention.

Enhance your hunting experience and maintain the integrity of your firearms or crossbows with the HubHanger CrossGun SlingSet.


  • CrossGun Barrel Sling
  • CrossGun Quick Sling

NOTE: The HubHanger GearHooks are necessary for using this product and are purchased separately. They are not included in this CrossGun SlingSet.

*HubHanger Patent(s) Issued and/or Pending

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